Contemporary Fieldworks

Collaborative strategies for change

Sounding City, portable studio (Client: Architecture Centre, Bristol).

Our work can inspire, empower and enable effective pathways to change.

Contemporary Fieldworks is a design studio with expertise in human centred design, a philosophy that empowers an individual or team to design products, services and systems that address the core needs of a community. 

We listen to a diverse range of voices and synthesise what we learn to devise strategy, vision and creative direction.


Want to collaborate?

Contemporary Fieldworks collaborate with designers, town planners, transport planners, architects, place-makers, local authorities and the public sector providing community engagement and creative direction.

All of our projects are unique, specific and can be scaled to fit your purpose. We can provide initial research and insights, devise and deliver follow on projects, test or consult on your ideas or deliver projects to create a culture shift.

Whatever the context, we specialise in asking the right questions, actively listening and turning what we hear into action.

Map over (w)rite- re -drawing the city.

→ Values

Contemporary Fieldworks works independently and across sectors. We have the freedom to listen objectively and innovate collaborative, creative and progressive responses to problems that are often deep rooted in systems.

Contemporary Fieldworks is a not-for profit fourth sector company.

→ Responsibility

Contemporary Fieldworks wish to be part of the solution to the climate emergency and we believe that the first step is to build resilient communities who have a voice and can act locally.

→ Social Change

Collaborating with people allows us to develop new, solution based systems which are about empowering and engendering change.

Sounding City, (Client: The Architecture Centre Bristol)


“Jennie led a highly consultative placemaking and spatial design exercise for Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole, producing a compelling and inspiring book – Future Stories: Tales from BCP Future Lab. With flair and conviction Jennie showed how we can reimagine our town centres, putting people and culture at their heart, and how we could put this into practice.” Micheal Spender, Head of Culture BCP Council

“Jennie is honest, dependable, and incredibly hardworking. She possesses impressive engagement skills, which she puts into practice by working closely with communities.

Along with her undeniable talent, Jennie is an absolute joy to work with. She is a true team player, who always fosters positive discussions. She is a dedicated and knowledgeable and I would comfortably recommend her.

Jennie ran a great public engagement project for a project I produced called Peveril Gardens, in Southwark in London where her early work with audiences, in particular, residents was formative in the thinking of the project and its final form” Aldo Rinaldi, Independent Curator and Producer.